Repair fault BMW D023 SCP (J1850) Disabled person or Absent Information for primary Id

Code according to OBD II regulations: U1023
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Fault code returned by the ECU: D023
Code in decimal format: 53283
Hexadecimal code: D023

The same Malfunction Code read with VARIOUS Diagnosis Equipment DIFFERENT will show different faults that do not resemble anything. Let's look at the same DTC 0024 of BMW and compare 1 with 2 ... 4 ... 5 ... 7 ... 8 ... etc.
1.- 0024 SIEMENSMS43 Main relay
2.- 0024 BMS43 Tank ventilation valve
3.- 0024 EDC15M Engine oil temperature sensor
4.- 0024 EDCMSA11 Engine oil temperature sensor
5.- 0024 ESP124 Defective gearbox suppression
6.- 0024 ABSMK20 RPM transmitter front right, wrong / non-existent signal
7.- 0024 AIRBAGAB81 Windowbag front left, feedback circuit on
8.- 0024 ELECTRONICACENTRALZE Central locking, relay locking

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The only one who knows exactly the piece that corresponds to the Malfunction Code is the one that manufactures the Diagnosis Equipment

Autoxuga Information

In the "Autoxuga Information" above it was explained how the diagnostic systems of the cars work since the same code can refer to totally different faults and to NOT INCURRATE in similar errors we show you our solutions that show images and technical explanations about the breakdown which returns the control unit or ECU of the car and, for this it takes 2 elements: Adapter and Apps

BRANDS + OBD Autoxuga adapter
Many people think that Adapters are DIAGNOSIS tools or APPs and this is FALSE. The adapters are something similar to a BRIDGE that joins one bank of one river with the other and the Apps are the ones that perform the DIAGNOSIS

The internal electronics of the Autoxuga adapters because filtering Messages in the COMMUNICATION with the UCEs are MORE EXPENSIVE than the simple OBD adapters and Autoxuga ADAPTERS will work on ALL BRANDS and Models of cars

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Professional Apps for 6 Brands
The Autoxuga Professional Apps show the Trouble Codes and the different components that cause them, detailing, in addition, the technical solutions with various operating schemes and the way of their verification to avoid problems in the car

With these Apps and the technical solutions it contains you can make all kinds of repairs successfully as if you were an automotive technician, recommending that these Apps be used with our Adapter since it has a complex circuit whose microcontroller and memory filter the messages that return the ECUs or Control Units to Mobile Phone, operating in OBD in ALL BRANDS and Car Models from 2000 to date and in 85% of Diesel Engine, Gasoline, Airbag, Instrument panel, ABS, ESP, Automatic transmission2008 to 2018

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* Connect the Autoxuga BRAND + OBD Adapter to the car's OBD diagnostic socket and search the smartphone for the App that corresponds to the car brand

* Make contact the car without starting it and erase the breakdowns that the ECU or Control Unit has stored with the of 6 Brands of Autoxuga that includes the brand of your car

* The Professional Apps of 6 Brands of Autoxuga will show OBD data in cars from 2000 onwards and data Diesel Engine, Petrol, Airbag, Instrument panel, ABS, ESP, Gearbox in vehicles manufactured from 2008 to 2018

* We advise you to erase all the faults that the car has in all the UCEs of Engine, ABS, ESP, Airbag, Panel, Gearbox, etc.


* After clearing the faults, take a test run to verify that they do not appear again and if they appear, you must follow the steps indicated in the Autoxuga Professional App for repair

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